Female Hop Hop

mit Melanie van den Boom

Sonntag, 16. Februar 2020

Anfänger/Mittelstufe 14:45–16:16 Uhr
Mittelstufe/Fortgeschritten 16:30–18:00 Uhr

Melanie van den Boom

2019 Workshops: Tanzzentrum Müller, Tanzschule Wienholt, Taunus Tanzschule, Tanzschule Papillon
2019 Background dancer & Show Act Artist Bufasa (Concert)
2019 Show Dancer 10 years in Beta
2019 DJ Bobo KaleidoLuna Tour → Dancer
2018–2019 AIDA Cruises Gastgeber Tanz (Dance teacher)
2018 Music video „Mach dein Job“ – OneAway Crew (prod. By Joe-L Beats) → Choreographer
and Dancer (Frankfurt am Main)
2018 „Inthronisations Ball Oberursel“ → Choreographer and Dancer (Frankfurt am Main)
2018 U15 Cup gegen Rassismus → Choreographer Crew Iconics (War Show) and Dancer
2013-2018 Dance teacher at the Taunus Tanzschule Pritzer (Frankfurt am Main)
→ teaching Hip Hop, Urban dance, Commercial, Ballroom dance, Latin dance, Salsa,
Bachata, working with kids, teens and adutls and choreographing shows for show
cases,competitions and galas
2013–2014 Dance teacher at the Francis Dance School (Frankfurt am Main)
→ teaching Hip Hop and choreographing competition level dances
2009–2018 Competing and performing with different Crews and as a solo artist
2013-now Choreographing for Crews, Competitions, Social Media (Youtube, Instagram)
Video productions and Collaborations: – Fabian Richt „Bachata meets Hip Hop“
– Kostas Eleftheriadis – „No Filter“ and „Wrongest way“
– Thomas Blank – „Swine“ and „Lone Digger“
– Fatima Niang and Angelina Vogel – „Rollin“
– Crew: The Other Move, Iconics, High Energy (several
Showcases, Competitions, Video productions)
2019 Advanced Dance Program by Sonia Bartuccelli (Berlin)
2015–2018 Education as a dance teacher (Allgemeiner deutscher Tanzlehrer Verband)
– Fachtanzlehrer Hip Hop Level 1-3
– Fachtanzlehrer Salsa & Latino TänzeLevel 1
– Zumba Instructor B1
– IHK geprüfter Tanzlehrer im ADTV

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